Highlights From the First Year of ‘It Takes a Titan’

From notable gifts to record-breaking days of giving, Cal State Fullerton celebrates the campaign’s momentum.

Titan resilience and generosity were on full display in the first year of Cal State Fullerton’s comprehensive campaign, “It Takes a Titan.”

Amid a pandemic that swiftly increased student unemployment, food insecurity and even homelessness, the Titan community stepped up to help with basic needs, while continuing to support future student success in the post-pandemic world.

The university is celebrating that “It Takes a Titan” has raised nearly $170 million and is 85% to its goal of $200 million. To learn more about the campaign and how to make a difference in the life of a Titan, visit campaign.fullerton.edu.

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  • February 2020Public launch
  • February 2020Marc Dickey$25,000 + 40% of estate
  • February 2020Begoviches$10 million
  • March 2020#TitansGive day of giving$239,139
  • June 2020Hodges Fellowship Endowment$400,000
  • October 2020Titan Emergency and Basic Needs Network$415,000
  • October 2020Mysun Foundation$100,000
  • November 2020 Tarsadia Foundation$300,000
  • December 2020Alumni Association$45,000
  • December 2020Terry Giles$1 million
  • January 2021NBCUniversal$500,000
  • February 2021SchoolsFirst$800,000
  • February 2021The Cervantes Family$75,000
  • March 2021Northeastern Funded By Pivotal Ventures$650,000
  • March 2021#TitansGive day of giving$450,000
  • March 2021One-year anniversary