Titan: Fall/Winter 2021

A Titan Takes the Field

Alumna Kelsie Whitmore knew there would be a first woman to play Major League Baseball. She’s on the road to achieving that milestone. Read More Right Arrow

The Secret’s in the Hot Sauce

First came the Instagram handle, then came the hot sauce. Cal State Fullerton alumni share their journey to creating the Truff luxury condiment brand.Read More Right Arrow

Chloe the Engineer Stomps Out Stereotypes

Alumna breaks barriers in STEM: ‘You can succeed in engineering and be a girl in pink heels.’Read More Right Arrow

Raising $270 Million: A Titan Success Story

Cal State Fullerton celebrates achievements from its first-ever comprehensive philanthropic campaign.Read More Right Arrow

Once a Titan, Always a Titan

Fram and Julie Virjee Bid FarewellRead More Right Arrow

Alumni Class Notes

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