Project Rebound Alumnus Finds Calling in Counseling

Story by Karen Lindell and Lynn Juliano, Photos by Matt Gush

As if transferring from a small community college to a large university isn’t daunting enough, imagine needing a wheelchair and having a history of incarceration. Mir Aminy initially felt lost and struggled to find his place at Cal State Fullerton.

Then Aminy discovered Project Rebound, a campus program that assists formerly incarcerated individuals in navigating higher education. Project Rebound helped him develop into an involved student and community member, while also giving him a place to be himself.

After successfully completing his bachelor’s degree, Aminy ’19 (B.A. sociology) now works for Project Rebound while pursuing a master’s in counseling. He is on his way to achieving his dream of working with higher education students who face the same challenges he has faced.

“There’s no such thing as a throwaway human being.”

Aminy also mentors undergraduate men on campus and local youth at the Higher Ground Youth & Family Services after-school program in Anaheim. He has been recognized for his extraordinary commitment, selfless service and positive impact on those around him.

“I don’t think there is any such thing as a throwaway human being,” he says. “I know how easy it is to go down that wrong path. Higher education is the key to changing the narrative.”

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